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Preventive Dentistry

We strive to educate our patients in the necessity of visiting their dentist before the typical symptoms of mouth disease appears.

We prevent tooth decay by teaching daily hygiene, proper diet and techniques of early diagnosis and clinic prevention. We remove the bacterial plaque, apply fluoridation on children, teach brushing techniques, prescribe oral prophylactic products, use techniques for early detection of tooth decay and seal spots of early tooth decay. We teach how to prevent periodontal disease, by eliminating tartar, detecting periodontal pockets and eliminating them.

We early treat malocclusions by exploring children occlusion at the beginning and at the end of the first set of teeth, ongoing follow-up of their tooth development and by applying interceptive or preventive orthodontics when necessary. 
We make an early diagnosis of diseases of the mouth, tumours, etc.

We also recommend keeping oral health by regularly visiting the dentist.

Financing treatments