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Sporting Protectors

Certain sports can cause accidents affecting the area of the mouth and face, with possible loss of one or more teeth and/or jaw trauma.

These lesions can be irreversible and can leave different after-effects, affecting the dental aesthetics of athletes. This is why we offer, among our services, the elaboration of customised dental protectors which, due to its high quality and perfect fit and accuracy, will become a habitual, indispensable sports protector. It is comfortable and allows to speak and to comfortably close the mouth when used, thus increasing muscle strength. It also prevents overload of strength on teeth, which affects periodontal tissues and the temporomandibular joint.

Sports such as basketball, skating, cycling, boxing, martial arts, soccer, kickboxing, hockey, mountaneering, athletics, baseball, body building, volleyball, motorcycling are some of those which create a need for a customised dental protector.

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