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We study and correct dental malpositions, as well as skeletal alterations of the jawbone and the mandible. If these malpositions are not corrected at the right moment, in adulthood aesthetic, masticatory, phonation and deglutition problems will arise. It will lead as well to oral dysfunction causing tooth decay and gum diseases.

Correction of teeth and bony bases is done through a series of appliance that can be fixed or removable, depending on each case. These orthodontic appliances and work techniques have evolved greatly, so today we have aesthetics techniques that make such appliances go unnoticed. There is no age limit to have an orthodontic treatment done. 

Teeth can be corrected at any age. We advise to take children to the orthodontist before the age of six so that possible major dental or skeletal alterations are detected early and thus corrected in a simple way. 
Thanks to orthodontics we can correct the aesthetics of the smile in a very satisfactory way and improve each person’s image.


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