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Oral Surgery

Sometimes, dental or oral problems may require maxillofacial or oral surgery due to their anatomic implications in the head or face. 
Our interdisciplinary team comprises specialist surgeons to provide you with the best treatments by excellent professionals. 

A few words on oral cancer: tobacco and alcohol consumption could explain 85% of orals tumours reported in Spain. The General Council of Dentists stresses that the risk of developing oral cancer among smokers can be up to seventeen times higher than among those who do not smoke.
Regarding alcohol consumption, it can increase the risk of oral cancer up to thirty times when excessive, and from three to nine times when moderate to severe. 

Experts recommend healthy lifestyles including the consumption of fruits and vegetables that, as it has been proved, prevent up to 40% of the cases. An early diagnosis is extremely important so we recommend an annual visit, as many of these pathologies are painless.

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